What is Clipping Path?

To isolate the background of a picture the main thing used are clipping paths. It also used to change an image into any shapes and it makes the masked portions transparent or to any color background by requirements.

What are the working hours?

We’re prepared to provide you with the offshore production service 24/7. It’s guaranteed that your jobs will never be held up.

How would you pay us?

You can pay us via PayPal or bank check. After we accept your order, we’ll give you an invoice discussing every piece of information. Click on pay us via PayPal, which can redirect you the PayPal website.

What’s the payment cycle you accept?

Many of our regular clients pay us weekly or every month. We would like to build up long-time relation with our clients. We’ll process the information and send you an invoice for each order accepted.

What’s the minimum quantity of images that you take order?

It does can be one-two-five-ten or thousand images; we appreciate and value your business with us. Feel free to start business with us, no matter the quantity is.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes! We’re first two images absolutely free of charge so that you can check the quality of our job. Please visit our free trial page for more.

What should be the maximum size for uploaded image?

You can take unlimited space using the FTP server. Size of each image shouldn’t be greater than 64 MB.

What are the file types/formats you accept?

You can send us images in format depending on your convenience. It’s absolutely your choice and we’ve no issue with it.

What will be the format of the completed files?

It’s depending on your requirements. We can deliver the work in any format. We’ll Supply you the same format unless you ask for any specific format. Simply tell us your required format and it won’t be a big deal.

Will you use my files in any commercial purposes?

Never we will use your images and any files you share with us.

Are the images secured in your hand?s

Don’t be afraid! Every single thing happens between we and you is very much secure. No possibility that, we’ll disclose the images to anyone. All of our stuff sign non-disclosure contract. We have outstanding security measures to protect our pc from malware as well as viruses.

What’s about the security of the FTP server?

We build unique FTP account for every single buyer and usernames and passwords secured to ensure maximum level of security.

Can you change the image background?

Yes, indeed. In fact, it’s one of the tasks we’re highly skilled at. We’ll deep etch the images and then change the background and send the work back to you.

How do you promise 100% accurateness?

All of the Clipping Snap (CS) staff is of hands on experience. They’re really good at what they do. Every single task is three times checked before getting it done.

What will you do if I’m not satisfied with your work?

Most of our regular buyers pay us weekly or every month. We would like to establish long-time relationship with our clients. We’ll process the information and send you an invoice for each order accepted.

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